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butcher shop of the year winner

BFME Steak Tasting Box

sirloin, ribeye, rump and thin skirt with blackthorn salt

We pride ourselves in selling bang tasty steaks and often in the shop, we have customers asking for a tasting selection, so voila!! We’ve gone for our 45 day aged Ribeye, Sirloin, rump and added two thin skirt steaks for a little variety!  In this tasting box you’ll get:  350g Boneless Ribeye  350g Boneless Sirloin  […]

Pastrami cured shortribs

Our grass fed short ribs just got beefed up even more. We’ve cured these beauties for 14 in our house cure with added pastrami spices! These are sweet and salty and tasty oh so damn gooood!  We cut out shortribs as jacobs ladders and are around 2kg.

Olive Fed Wagyu Ribeye

This is a very exclusive cut and exceptional steak. Raised in the stunning Yorkshire hills, Freedown Hills Olive Fed Wagyu delivers an amazing umami experience. Wagyu is renowned for its intense intramuscular fat and epic richness that melts in the mouth. The best thing about this is that it is produced on our British soil, reducing […]

Grass Fed Diced Beef

Cut from our carefully sourced grass fed beef, diced beef is another staple that can be turned into a plethora of tasty dishes! Our 500g packs are perfect for stews, curries or even chillies.