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Tempus Charcuterie House Salami

Tempus Charcuteries House Salami is solely with black pepper, which is fermented for 2-3 days and then aged for 2-3 months. This cured salami is very much made in the French style of a saucisson sec while displaying a unique touch.

Tempue Charcuterie Spiced Coppa

Coppa, or collar, is definitely one of the most known and loved cuts of charcuterie the world over. It has the golden ratio of lean to fat of 70:30 and is a wonderfully robust cut of meat. Think the porcine equivalent of rib-eye when looking at beef.  Beautifully marbled with a silky texture this remains one of […]

Tempus Charcuterie King Peter Ham

This is a speck-style ham aged off the bone with the skin on after curing with juniper, black pepper and dried bay leaves and then smoked over chestnut wood.