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butcher shop of the year winner

BFME Weekend Box

This tasty box is designed to have your meaty needs covered for the weekend.  There’s enough for a good brekky, a burger night and a Sunday roast! What more could you want!   Each box contains: 8x Traditional Thin Sausages (GF)8x BFME Bacon Slices4x Fruit Pig Black Pudding Slices4X BFME Rib Cap Burgers and choose […]

BFME Steak Tasting Box

sirloin, ribeye, rump and thin skirt with blackthorn salt

We pride ourselves in selling bang tasty steaks and often in the shop, we have customers asking for a tasting selection, so voila!! We’ve gone for our 45 day aged Ribeye, Sirloin, rump and added two thin skirt steaks for a little variety!  In this tasting box you’ll get:  350g Boneless Ribeye  350g Boneless Sirloin  […]

Dry Aged Denver Steak

We call this a midweek steak, only because it’s cheaper than your ribeyes and fillets, but it sure doesn’t mean it’s any less of a Pow Pow steak. The flavour of this steak is incredible, having a bite similar to that of a sirloin. Pan fry or BBQ these beauties for best results.  Sold as 2x […]

Grass Fed Ox Cheek

These unctuous nuggets of beef are the ultimate slow cooking cut. They need serious low and slow braising or smoking but will create an awesome chilli, stew or even pulled and made into a croquette.  Sold in pack of 2, averaging 800g. 

Very Limited Alcohol Drench-Aged Ribeye

Very Limited Alcohol Drench-Aged Ribeye

The epitome of indulgence steak eating. We cover the ribs in muslin cloth and drench each piece of meat every 2-3 days with our alcohol of choice, be it Port, cinnamon whiskey or small batch dandelion & burdock gin. They’re then left to dry a further 2 weeks. Cut into tomahawk steaks that are around […]

Miso Bavette Skewers

Miso Bavette Skewers

These quickly became a firm favourite in the shop. Bavette is skirt steak, cut against the grain of muscle to create a tender piece of meat. They pack a powerful umami punch combined with a sweet sesame drop and fragrant fresh coriander. Perfect for BBQing or even just fried and served with rice. 

King Arthur’s Roast

Now this an old school roast! Essentially the continuation of the rib roast, where the ribeye turns into the chuck roll, but with the fat cap of said ribeye tied back on. There’s a bit of fat and sinew in there that’ll need to be rendered down in a slow cook, but it’ll help baste […]

Grass Fed Hanger Steak

Grass Fed Hanger Steak

We love a hanger steak, otherwise known as onglet, this small strip is perfect cooked to medium-rare on a barbecue. It comes from inside the animal and has a deep beefy flavour. Cut into 4x steaks roughly 125 grams each.

Grass Fed Mince

Grass Fed Mince

There’s not much you can’t do with mince. Our 500g packs are the staple you always want for a spag bol, a pie filling or even fried with lemongrass and served with vermicelli noodles.

Grass Fed Flat Iron Steak

This is such an awesome steak, it’s the second most tender muscle in the body. It comes from the shoulder blade of the animal and is expertly prepared to be cleaned of sinew. It’s a relatively leaner cut of meat, but expect an awesome depth to the flavour.  Sold as 2x 250g steaks, drop us […]