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butcher shop of the year winner

Peckham Hot Sauce

These three beauties are up there with our favourite hot sauces Batch 1 – a Dutch Chilli & Scotch Bonnet blend that is ferment with Garlic, Paprika, Mustard Seeds, Coriander & Cardamom to create a flavour like no other hot sauce. Packed with mouthwatering freshness & fragrance.   Batch 2 – designed to subtly add a […]

JDs XXTra Hot Honey

Blending our signature honey combination now with a fiery Habanero infusion and chilli pieces, the XXTRA hot blend will take your tastebuds on a whole new journey. Still delivering our sweet honey taste up front, the heat builds through the stronger habanero chilli infusion.

Irish Black Butter

Now this is an awesome product, it’s made from bramley apples that have been cooked right down to create an umami packed, dark molasse spread. It works amazingly with chicken and pork and even nicer on gammon!!   

JDs Hot Honey

JDs Hot Honey

Drizzle. Drench. Devour Pimp your pizza, marinade your meats or add some heat to your hot dogs. JD’s Hot honey will add the floral sweetness of honey with a kick from chilli peppers.