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butcher shop of the year winner

Free Range Grass Fed Lamb Rack

Considered the piece de resistance of lamb, the rack can be cooked pink and is a tender, flavourful cut of meat. We french trim ours to add that extra special something.  Sold in the rack, usually 700g.

Free Range Grass Fed Lamb Leg

Free Range Grass Fed Lamb Leg Ormskirk Butchery

We love roasted lamb leg. You can BBQ them, roast them, pot roast them, spit roast them, you can slow cook or roast it so it’s still pink in the middle (my fave)! PLUS, you can use soooo many different flavours, classic rosemary and garlic,  ras el hanout or even Sichuan pepper! We source our […]

Free Range Grass Fed Boneless Shoulder of Lamb

The shoulder from our free range grass fed lamb, from Helmshore in Rossendale, has a great depth of flavour with a touch of sweetness coming through. This is definitely a slow cooking cut, braise it or smoke it.

Free Range Grass Fed Barnsley Chop

You have to love a good Barnsley chop! These are taken from the saddle and are a double chop, pan fried or grilled, these are a must for lamb lovers.  Sold as 2x 220g chops