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butcher shop of the year winner

Butcher Farrell Caps

new bfme butcher caps blue pink green silver black

Last season’s caps were a sell out so we’re back with more colours to choose from. Original embroidered SnapBack caps in Navy, Green, Pink, Silver and Black. Limited numbers available. 

Peckham Hot Sauce

These three beauties are up there with our favourite hot sauces Batch 1 – a Dutch Chilli & Scotch Bonnet blend that is ferment with Garlic, Paprika, Mustard Seeds, Coriander & Cardamom to create a flavour like no other hot sauce. Packed with mouthwatering freshness & fragrance.   Batch 2 – designed to subtly add a […]

BFME Breakfast Box

In our house, we love a full English breakfast with all the trimmings. In this tasty box you’ll get our gluten free traditional thin sausages, bacon and for those of you that can’t decide which type to go for; black AND white pudding! Each box contains the following: 8x Traditional Thin Sausages (gf)8x BFME Bacon […]

BFME Weekend Box

This tasty box is designed to have your meaty needs covered for the weekend.  There’s enough for a good brekky, a burger night and a Sunday roast! What more could you want!   Each box contains: 8x Traditional Thin Sausages (GF)8x BFME Bacon Slices4x Fruit Pig Black Pudding Slices4X BFME Rib Cap Burgers and choose […]

BFME Steak Tasting Box

sirloin, ribeye, rump and thin skirt with blackthorn salt

We pride ourselves in selling bang tasty steaks and often in the shop, we have customers asking for a tasting selection, so voila!! We’ve gone for our 45 day aged Ribeye, Sirloin, rump and added two thin skirt steaks for a little variety!  In this tasting box you’ll get:  350g Boneless Ribeye  350g Boneless Sirloin  […]

Free Range Chicken Wings

Got to love a chicken wing night! Are you a saucy one or a dry rub kind of person. We’ve finally succumbed to the air fryer craze and have to say it’s amazing for wings, 25 mins in there and they’re perfect. Try glazing them in the Angus & Oink Fools Gold for umami perfection […]

Free Range Chicken Legs

Our succulent free range chicken comes from Yorkshire and live out on rich pastures full of clover, herbs and grasses. They’re free to roam during the day and kept safe and sound in a hutch at night. Legs have to be my favourite cut, they’re juicy and succulent and so versatile when cooking.    2x […]

Tempus Charcuterie House Salami

Tempus Charcuteries House Salami is solely with black pepper, which is fermented for 2-3 days and then aged for 2-3 months. This cured salami is very much made in the French style of a saucisson sec while displaying a unique touch.

Tempue Charcuterie Spiced Coppa

Coppa, or collar, is definitely one of the most known and loved cuts of charcuterie the world over. It has the golden ratio of lean to fat of 70:30 and is a wonderfully robust cut of meat. Think the porcine equivalent of rib-eye when looking at beef.  Beautifully marbled with a silky texture this remains one of […]

Tempus Charcuterie King Peter Ham

This is a speck-style ham aged off the bone with the skin on after curing with juniper, black pepper and dried bay leaves and then smoked over chestnut wood.